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I am trying to Copy data from a cell in a closed workbook into another workbook without opening the original one.

the code i have show far... works but i need to be able to write the data to a certain cell on the open workbook.

Private Function GetValue(path, file, sheet, ref)
'   Retrieves a value from a closed workbook
    Dim arg As String
'   Make sure the file exists
    If Right(path, 1) <> "\" Then path = path & "\"
    If Dir(path & file) = "" Then
        GetValue = "File Not Found"
        Exit Function
    End If
'   Create the argument
    arg = "'" & path & "[" & file & "]" & sheet & "'!" & _
      Range(ref).Range("A1").Address(, , xlR1C1)
'   Execute an XLM macro
    GetValue = ExecuteExcel4Macro(arg)
End Function

Sub TestGetValue2()
    p = "F:\excel_Project"
    f = "Book1.xlsx"
    s = "Sheet1"
    a = "A1"
 GetValue(p, f, s, a) = ("A1")

End Sub
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If you want to set the value of a cell to whatever your GetValue function returns, you'd do the following

Range("A1") = GetValue(p, f, s, a)

However, you'll need to make sure that your destination (i.e. where you want to write GetValue) is the same size/dimension as GetValue. For example, if GetValue is a cell then the above will work as expected. However, if GetValue is a 1x2 range of cells and you use the above code, only A1 will be populated with a value (the first value) from GetValue

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+ 1 For the extra info – Siddharth Rout Nov 14 '13 at 16:46

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