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I'm currently working on a project to that includes plotting timeseries in a PyQt4 Application. I'm using the Qt4Agg backend from matplotlib and python3.3 on 64-bit Linux system.

Plotting works fine, but whenever I try to change something via the figureoptions button (the one with the green checkmark) the date/time format on the x-axis gets replaced by floats.

I've included some simple code, that shows the problem (Open the figureoptions dialog and press apply!)

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import datetime

for hour in range(0,13):
plt.plot_date(x, y)

Does anyone know how to change this behaviour?

I've searched, the matplotlib faq, docs and mailing list, but couldn't find any answer.

I really appreciate your help! Thanks!

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just for the record how i solved this issue.

in my class i redefined enterEvent such that everytime the mouse enters the window it updates the xaxis. Of course this doesn't work whith the above example but in a proper class like in this one:

def enterEvent(self, event):

this is not perfect, but a workaround!

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