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I am new to rails. Newer to FactoryGirl.

I have a model like this.

class Manifest < ActiveRecord::Base

  serialize :scopes, Array


  validates :app_name, presence: true
  validates :callback, presence: true

I have a factory like this.

  factory(:manifest) do
    callback "some callback"
    app_name "cool birds"

The spec regarding above model is like this.

describe Manifest do
  describe "validation" do
    describe "of object from fractory" do
      it "must be ok" do
        FactoryGirl.build(:manifest).should be_valid

So I expected this test to pass. But it fails giving this output.

  1) Manifest validation of object from fractory must be ok
     Failure/Error: FactoryGirl.build(:manifest).should be_valid
       expected #<Manifest id: nil, dev_id: nil, app_id: nil, app_description: nil, app_name: "cool birds", app_version: nil, manifest_ver: nil, callback: nil, signed_jwt: nil, scopes: [], created_at: nil, updated_at: nil> to be valid, but got errors: Callback can't be blank

It says Callback can't be blank. It seems FactoryGirl ignores the value for attribute "callback".

when the spec changed to FactoryGirl.build(:manifest, callback: "some callback").should be_valid it works! The test passes.

FactoryGirl works for any other attribute in my model but "callback". Why? What wrong have I or this attribute named "callback" has done? What should I do to find out the problem.

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My first guess, "callback" is probably reserved as a method name of sorts with FactoryGirl. Try to just proxy the attribute to see if it works, like def cb=(callback) self.callback = callback end to see if that works. –  CrazyVipa Nov 14 '13 at 17:49
@CrazyVipa Yeah, your guess seems correct. That worked! Thank you very much!!! –  Aruna Herath Nov 14 '13 at 22:41

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