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I am trying to read an audio file into Matlab and when I run the command

[y, Fs] = audioread('Recording10.wma')

in Matlab on my Windows 7 laptop it runs without any problems, but when I try to run it on our clusters I get the following error:

{Unexpected Standard exception from MEX file. What() is: ..

Error in (line 148) mexPluginManager('initializePluginManager',obj.PluginPath);

Error in audioread (line 124) exception = PluginManager.convertPluginException(exception, ... }

I would appreciate any suggestions or advice you could give me.


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Unfortunately audioread does not support reading .wma files on Linux or Mac machines:

The error message you are getting here is not very informative either. Which version of MATLAB are you using? I believe in newer versions the error message is more helpful:

[y, Fs] = audioread('test.wma')

In R2013b for example the error message reads

Error using audioread (line 127)
The file type is not supported
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Thank you very much Nick. Yes, that error is a lot more helpful. I am not sure which version is running on the cluster. I thought it was R2013a, but am not sure. – user2895146 Nov 15 '13 at 17:27

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