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  • Given a specific # of requests a day. Eg. 30,000,000
  • I want to create a standard bell curve in excel that allows me to see the # of requests I'm likely to receive at a given point in the day.

I'm looking for an easy way to create and display this distribution in excel and then modify the shape of the bell curve.

So I start with information like, we expect receive 30,000,000 request \ day. IF At Peak Hour we expect to receive 6,000,000 requests .. (1666 Transaction per second) .. how many requests \ TPS did we receive 3 hours prior.

or If the peak ends up being 4,000,000 at peak, what did the # of requests \ TPS look 3 hours prior.

What's the best way to build a spreadsheet that does something like this?

Thanks Warrick

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