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How do you enable CTRL key for the Visual Studio Browser Link integration?

Scott Hanselman discusses it here around 1:06:00 during the VS 2013 Launch Event. I'm not sure how to activate or enable the realtime HTML Edit feature so I can edit in the browser and have the changes pushed back to Visual Studio.

Has anyone tried this out yet or can provide clues? I have VS 2013 RTM - I can't seem to find any update for ASP.NET Web Tools that may have changed this behavior. Is this an IE only behavior or is it browser independent? It sounds like it just injects additional HTML into the page.

Browser Link CTRL Activation

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According to MSDN Blogs, This appears to be a Web Essentials 2013 extension of Browser Link capability. Visual Studio provides extensibility for Browser Link which Hanselman was sharing.

Browser Link Extensions via Web Essentials

When viewing the site, you can use CTRL + ALT + D to enable Design Mode which updates the Visual Studio source. Web Browser Design Mode for Browser Link is browser independent. To enable it for non-Debug mode, you need to add the following appSettings...

<add key="vs:enableBrowserLink" value="true" />
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