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Javascript's TouchEvent is pretty fun to mess around with. However, there's one last thing I'm just not sure how to deal with. I'd like to make sure that "Touch #1" stops being confused with another Touch after the number of touches changes.

Example: you lay down two fingers on the screen. They are #1 and #2. In the touches array they are [0] and [1].

Now you lift up finger #1. touches now refers to touch #2 as [0] when before it was [1].

See my problem? How am I expected to make sure I am looking at the right unique identified touch?

I know each Touch is given a unique identifier number. Should I just build a search function that loops through all the touches inside TouchEvent.touches to see if my identifier is still there? Seems like a garbage collection nightmare. I'm hoping that there is a more sane way to use what's available, and I'm simply not sure what that is yet.

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