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First of all thanks to all ....

I read that i can use the free IP geolocation webservice to get Country name from an Ip address. But how i get the response to my site , Actually this is what i look , In my site there is a need of displaying the country name from Ip address. Can uou please tell in detail... How can i display the country Name from that site ..

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You need to install the php module and then use the following code to get the country name:

$country_name = apache_note("GEOIP_COUNTRY_NAME");

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geoip_country_code_by_name can give you the country for an arbitrary IP address or hostname (not just the one from the current visitor as apache_note("GEOIP_COUNTRY_NAME") does), it uses the same MaxMind database. There is also the geoip_country_name_by_name function if you want the full country name rather than the ISO code.

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