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Currently, I am fetching data in my radio app from another online radio source, and filtering the results by implementing:

 DDXMLNode* rootNode = [xmlDoc rootElement];
    NSArray* nodes = nil;
    nodes = [rootNode nodesForXPath:@"child::Station[Genres/Genre='POP']" error:nil];
    for(DDXMLNode* node in nodes)
        Station* s = [[Station alloc] init];
        DDXMLNode* nameNode = [[node nodesForXPath:@"Name" error:nil] objectAtIndex:0];
        s.name = [nameNode stringValue];
        DDXMLNode* bitRateNode = [[node nodesForXPath:@"Streams/Stream/BitRate" error:nil] objectAtIndex:0];
        s.bitRate = [bitRateNode stringValue];
        DDXMLNode* streamNode = [[node nodesForXPath:@"Streams/Stream/StreamUrl" error:nil] objectAtIndex:0];
        s.streamURL = [streamNode stringValue];
        [array addObject:s];

This filters out all the rest and only gives me the stations that are POP. This is working well with the current stations, but I need to be able to get station listings from Shoutcast. I have searched but can't find a specific place to get this directory / XML. I have tried going to the shoutcast website and "becoming a partner" but I get a message saying that they are working on the next version of shoutcast and are not allowing any new partners (although this message has been appearing for the last year). Is it even necessary to join in order to get access to all the shoutcast stations XML so that I may integrate them into my app?

The end result for me needs to be that I have a URL that lets me get the list of all radio stations from shoutcast / as well as an Update URL so that users are able to drag down and update all the listings URL to ensure that they work. (I have already implemented the refresh function with my current stations)

Update: By looking at the API Documentation you can find here: LINK They seem to make a reference to a Dev ID again, but then again this takes me to what I mentioned before about Becoming a partner

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