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I am making the HTTP GET result for the image content from the server, initially I was getting the result as a garbled character set.

{�t�� �J��JQQT@@�ҥ�*((��^��{BB �� �^�F&��o���3s&�`@xf�~Cf��u����_�_^ dee��g�;/�������?r��Χ�3�@v�1p�|�=� ��.mm�{�>�?p���p�s���C]�q� B����N����}�!l`�/ �;o*�*y� ]�x��'O�S�W_�O���g=����|���D|�M-^��*�λt��U3���x�1��{Z��=��D�,\�,x�bܤ���Ç�-�����|�Z���6�5���r�~2 �#U��&�۷/�>��G�o[�(�}��Xu�@^�7�d`{��k��c��/�L�� ������s��9 �-��4ީ�g�q�6͜=��O�Bk#�)==��oݺ$p����St��Q:s6�s�rcj�|�/�4C�*�ϫ Zz��msk8|��M%_GV/YA�~GcƎ'�h��n�=:{�<ş9�A���� ~��y������޽{���� ��8w�%����k��~���6G}0�ТX��;z�' 4���}�.�U�RQ3��!���+V����DIN~DU�T�� ��y��G�2�p�g����P���y�g�r��mf=r�8}V�W{�Reh��|�}W]�[�+R��9���-[��jS� ����۵��CJ��T��������.�׎ߨ_����C�.�P��ܥ.�i#�2e�p��吝�BX|�i=͛5o� �K �~9W6l�L_~���hب1a��@�M�8�*W���y�&u�ҙ�V�Z��z�+W��J�/8km��П~�!�l�N_7h�}C��%㉏���G 4`Z�@�#�:���Xq���g����t�6R*\��E*�k�T����'s��:u�A�v�������1�裚uL� *Q�~(Ai/)�7��8w�"����s�����gu�؉�(��z�6�O��H&N�F��swF�:�a��+��0��h�������s�-]��j�f4���˯�U�!�шwT�ի��3i��zl�2�9%�P�p-Z~���D�FX�Y� ��C���v15��>�ѬY�X�xo��:�/�n)5��t6��e� �y�V:R�=6�7�6��ջ?��vIjҴ��X����Fm� ���e�SNi)��ȍƓ��[k@�-h�̸"o����?v�$�KժU髯�y�;Fw�X�����ؠ 4r��u���cNB\�[�S�PR�̝o�z�����-�Q�.o�o�p����R�QŊ�Ĝ7i�u���r�j~�Ҷ]�i��'_q+.�5��<����Qf�5j|�h��Ϝ�d7l�y�,�p ՝:wwIyL��&��h10���|���9���l0�����˩X�bT�쒥+ ���?�&��U���`l�JNݾ}�SF����&�ܥ�2W��.��{�-a:`#��ZP�Q}ɺ���sm��&G���95aTh`P�GЮ#�7��w[1�h��;���x`*�D�����@`�o7%h��u�͚!|D�#:�����xnF7���|��u\�Z�4��W��3g���`r���FhЂ0,\l�����p#0Ƈ�a֣>���:�w�Dp���g�����蘍ܗ�I;~������խ� =x��44�����]��8x���v0'�~M���&zT��3`0���b��@<�zz���(��sJ��6�\0[Pl����%�b<�%@��|�Hnh>�

Then I figured out that default content type of the page is "text/html", and make the content type to the "image/png" after that it's showing that, "it can't display the image because image contains error".

I am not sure is this related to the encoding issue because I am seeing the garbled characters ? after getting the image content does I need to decode/encode my result ?

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Are you sure it's a png? – ezekielDFM Nov 14 '13 at 19:36
Yes, I am fetching the png Image from the different server – Aman Agarwal Nov 14 '13 at 20:11
can you show us some code? how do you get the image, and how do you show it? – fthiella Nov 14 '13 at 20:42
i'd be happy to help you if I can, but the question is not too clear, are you using html::mason? with some perl code? – fthiella Nov 19 '13 at 16:20
try changing the content type to data – Acelasi Eu Nov 21 '13 at 13:01
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Your data IS corrupt. The first 8 bytes of a valid PNG file are the decimal values 137 80 78 71 13 10 26 101. Bytes 2 - 4 are the ASCII characters PNG. Your file is something else or maybe just garbage.

BTW. Your question is poorly written as it lacks the relevant code. You'll get better results from improving your question than you will from adding a bounty.

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