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I am familiar with Selenium using C# and integrating it with TeamCity - as a background. I am at a new company now. We have HP Quality Center and I saw a few articles how to use QC, Selenium, and Python Script to automate tests. I am having a major issue even getting a basic TDOutput.Print("test") to show up in the output log, unless I am wrong in expecting any TDOutput.Print lines to show up in that space.

I have a Windows 7 box.

The steps I have followed are:

  • installed Python on my machine (2.7)
  • installed steuptools
  • installed pip I can install items using pip on the command line, including selenium In QC
  • I create a new VAPI-XP test
  • Choose PythonScript in the Wizard
  • Then click Finish (and do not go any further on the wizard)
  • Quality Center will then generate a skeleton script.
  • In the skeleton, Under TDOutput.Clear(), I type: TDOutput.Print("Hello World")
  • The output window never clears and it never prints "Hello World"
  • This is what I see in output window: Test is completed

Any suggestions on what easy step I have missed? I obviously do not have a lot of experience with this tool so its hard for me to see why I can't even get a print statement to execute - let alone worry about the selenium portion of my testing.

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I found an article by fijiaaron that let me know even if you/I have a 64 bit machine, we need the 32 bit version of Python installed, as soon as I installed the 32 bit version, I was able to see the print lines. Now on to the selenium...

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