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I need to deserialize/serialize XML which looks like this:


where <green/> may be <red/>, <blue/> etc. - very large (but limited) set.

I'd like to describe it as simple enum in my code:

enum ColorName


But, if I write my object model like this:

class Color
    public ColorName ColorName;

class Something
    public Color Color;

enum gets into XML as a value, rather than element name:


Is there any way to get enum value written into XML element name (see the first XML snippet - that's the goal), rather than XML element value, without having to re-type all the values (it's a very large set) as empty class names, or resorting to custom serialization (I would like to avoid it, because serialized class contains a lot of other members, which are perfectly serialized by default)?

(I can't change the schema, it's third-party).

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No, this is not supported by simply decorading your classes with [Xml*] attributes. You will have to implement IXmlSerializable on Something and do it yourself. Note that in most cases you don't have to bother with the GetSchema method; implementing ReadXml and WriteXml is just fine.

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