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I have main.gsp in my layouts. Several other layouts each apply the main layout, but each of the layouts has a different background for the page (borders, background image, width, etc).

In my main.gsp I have the css style defined as:

<div class="container <g:pageProperty name="page.containerCss"/>">

and in my nested gsps I'm passing up the css to use in the main container:

<g:applyLayout name="main">
<content tag="containerCss">myCustomCssStyle</content>

Or another nested layout might use:

 <content tag="containerCss">aDifferentStyle</content>

Is there a better way to do this? The only variable in the main.gsp is this one css property, so I don't think creating 5 different versions of main.gsp is a DRY option.

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It depends. How many pages with every layout do you have? How many pages uses default layout? – havenchyk Nov 14 '13 at 20:18
There are about 20 pages that use main as the parent. Of those there are 5 unique css classes that need to be passed to main. All of the rest of the site are derived from the 20, so they aren't an issue. – spock99 Nov 14 '13 at 22:49
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you could set a variable with scope on request in your nested gsp´s like

 <g:set var="containerCss" value="aDifferentStyle" scope="request" />

and in your main.gsp you can use it like :

<div class="container ${containerCss}">

i did not test it but it should work, have fun !

edit: please let me know if it did not work

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