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I've been four days now burning my head, so I'm asking here to see if anybody knows what's going on:

I have a .dae file, exported with opencollada from 3dsmax. The animation and textures work perfecty, but I can't get rid of a few animation helpers/dummies that are ALWAYS exported, even if I hide, freeze/etc them. Is there any way to hide them with code? I can see the names loading in the output window when exporting the swf, but so far I can't access them:

[...] INFO: DisplayObject3D: Circle004 INFO: DisplayObject3D: Bone001 INFO: DisplayObject3D: Circle006 [...]

the code I'm using to load, position and animate the .dae is fairly standard too:

collada3DPatea = new DAE(true, "jugador",true); collada3DPatea.addEventListener(FileLoadEvent.LOAD_COMPLETE,modelLoaded_jugador); collada3DPatea.load(COLLADA_JUGADOR); collada3DPatea.scaleY = collada3DPatea.scaleZ = ARQ_SCALE; collada3DPatea.scaleX = ARQ_SCALE * -1; collada3DPatea.rotationX = 90; collada3DPatea.rotationY = 0;
collada3DPatea.rotationZ = 0;
collada3DPatea.y = 30; collada3DPatea.x = 0; collada3DPatea.z = 0; flarBaseNode.addChild(collada3DPatea); addChild(viewport3D);

Check these links to see the dummies I am talking about:



Thanks for your time guys.

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