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I'm trying to use the Live Connect SDK to allow a user to sign into their Hotmail/Outlook/Live account, and then get their name from their profile and display it on the web page. For some reason I am unable to get the code to work in FireFox, but it works perfectly in Safari/Chrome (I'm using OS X 10.9 and the latest versions of all three browsers). It's such simple code that I can't quite wrap my head around why it wouldn't work, and I can't seem to find much online about it not working, as I've followed the tutorials from Microsoft pretty closely.

Below is my code for the API that is in the <head> tag

 <script src="http://js.live.net/v5.0/wl.js"></script>

 WL.init({ // Start the API
    client_id:    "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", // this iscorrect in the code but X'd out here
    redirect_uri: window.location.href

 WL.ui({ // create the button
     name:   "signin",
     element: "connect-btn",
     brand:   "hotmail" /

 // once login is authorised, run greetUser_onClick()
 WL.Event.subscribe("auth.login", greetUser_onClick); 

 function greetUser_onClick() {
          scope: "wl.basic" // get basic scope permissions
          function (response){
                    path: "me",    // get the 'me' object
                    method: "GET"  //which contains basic information about the user
               }).then(            //.then function(response) and function(responsefailed) 
                     function (response){
                          document.getElementById("infoArea").innerText = "Hello, " + response.first_name + " " + response.last_name + "!";
            function (responseFailed){
                document.getElementById("infoArea").innerText = "Error calling API: " + responseFailed.error.message;
    function (responseFailed){
        document.getElementById("infoArea").innerText =
            "Error signing in: " + responseFailed.error_description;

and here's my HTML underneath

<a href="#" id="connect-btn hotmail">[[]]</a><br />
<div id="infoArea"></div>

Below is what renders after a successful sign-in in each browser. Can anybody point out to me where I'm going wrong?


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