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I've used Safari's developer tools for iOS before and haven't had any problems. In the "Develop" dropdown, it shows the device, and then the website that safari is on. This is how it currently works for my iPhone 4s.

I'm trying to test on an iphone 5 now, and the device shows up in the Develop menu, but the nested dropdown says "Use for Development". I've tried clicking it and nothing happens.

Has anyone run into this problem before? I've tested in Safari 7.0 and the Nightly Build, and same thing on both.

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iOS 7 and Safari Inspector are treated very differently than I was used to. You have to click "Trust this computer" on your phone, and use Xcode (Window menu > Organizer > Devices) to find it and click the button "Use for Development". One problem is you need to belong to a Developer Program in order to use it.

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+ 1 for answering your own question.:) –  XCode Monkey Nov 15 '13 at 4:30

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