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I'm the regular user for AWS SES, and I got the quota for 50K per days, and 28 mail per seconds, I usually send transactional mail, about 1000 per day. It works fine. But, I want to send some bulk promotion mail to my clients this time. It show "SMTP Error: Could not authenticate" frequently after I send about 1000~ mails. But, some of them are still sent correctly. I got "SMTP Error: Could not authenticate" for about 30%~50% email sending. I use phpMailer and send mail in a for loop and it takes about 3 seconds for sending one mail. It seems I'm not over the quota or something I need to take care?

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Is it possible you've been blacklisted and/or your credentials revoked after sending so many emails? Seems like a question for your email provider – Mike B Nov 14 '13 at 22:21
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Is this an error you are getting today? I had similar issues earlier today on much lower volumnes and according to the aws status page, they had some issues today:

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Thank you for your information, I didn't think AWS SES went wrong....I use SES for about 2 months, and send about 200~1000 mails every day, it works fine. – Bruce Tsai Nov 16 '13 at 2:00

SMTP Error: Could not authenticate doesn't sound like a real error message to me. In fact, I'm certain it isn't, because a real error message in SMTP always has a 3-digit code.

Every command MUST generate exactly one reply.

An SMTP reply consists of a three digit number (transmitted as three numeric characters) followed by some text unless specified otherwise in this document. The number is for use by automata to determine what state to enter next; the text is for the human user. The three digits contain enough encoded information that the SMTP client need not examine the text and may either discard it or pass it on to the user, as appropriate.

It sounds like whatever tool you're using for the SMTP connection is trying to be "helpful" and showing you a "friendly" error message, and is discarding the useful part in exchange for simply "Could not authenticate."

Find a way to turn on some debugging in the SMTP library that you are using, so that you can find out the actual error message that is occurring, and you then should have an obvious answer to your question.

Without that, it's guesswork.

It should be one of these documented codes in SES, each of which has a specific cause:

454 Throttling failure: Daily message quota exceeded.  
454 Throttling failure: Maximum sending rate exceeded. 
454 Temporary authentication failure                   
530 Authentication required.
535 Authentication Credentials Invalid
554 Message rejected: Email address is not verified.
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I use PHPmailer , and it output the message. It seems fine now. – Bruce Tsai Nov 16 '13 at 1:59

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