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I have an app that tries to store small images (less than 50kB) in memcache, but each call to memcache.Set() results in an error memcache: server error. I'm on the shared memcache class, so I understand there is no service guarantee, but currently I have no service at all. Is it a temporary outage? Am I just unlucky?

Here is the piece of code creating an item and calling memcache. ctx is the appengine context for the request. memkey is my key (a string). img_data is a string with my data. This code works well in the local dev environment.

cache_item = &memcache.Item{
    Key: memkey,
    Value: bytes.NewBufferString(img_data).Bytes(),
err = memcache.Set(ctx, cache_item)
if err != nil {
    ctx.Infof("Could not store image in memcache: %s", err)
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can you show your code? –  nvcnvn Nov 15 '13 at 2:38

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If it's still happening, file a bug, but I suspect it was just a transient problem.

Incidentally, your Value initialiser is unnecessarily complex. This would work the same:

cache_item = &memcache.Item{
    Key:   memkey,
    Value: []byte(img_data),
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