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I'm working with some RPM spec files and .rpmmacros which are failing with a newer version or build of RPM than they were intended to be used with, and I'm trying to make sense of them, but I can't find any good documentation on how RPM expands parameterized macros. In particular, I'm unclear whether %% inside the macro body, which presumably expands to a single %, gets expanded again after the first macro is expanded, or remains as a literal % sign. But what I'd really like is some good documentation on the whole RPM macro system, which I'm unfamiliar with (I inherited the mess from somebody else and wouldn't be using RPM by choice at all). Any pointers?

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If you %define something, it is re-evaluated each time. If it is %global then only once. This might help the %% thing. –  Aaron D. Marasco Nov 15 '13 at 1:37

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if you run

rpm --showrc

you get the value of every macro currently known to rpm. Among that output, lookout for the line stating with macrofiles, it contains a list of every macro file rpm evaluates to get to the values.

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