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Is something like this possible? I am getting the below error.

    db.SomeTable.Add(new SomeTable()
        GuidId = Guid.NewGuid(),
        Name = db.AnotherTable.Select(x => x.Name.Where(x.Id == localVariable.Id))


Unknown Select(?) of System Data Entity DbSet

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Select returns an IEnumerable, not an individual record. You would needed to add a .First() call to grab just one record. Entity Framework thinks you're trying to put a list into a single field.

Furthermore, your use of Where() is incorrect. Where also returns an IEnumerable, and can only be applied on to an IEnumerable. Think of it as a way to filter a list.

Here's how to do what I think you're asking for:

Name = db.AnotherTable.First(x => == someId).Name
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Also Where takes a lambda or function. – gunr2171 Nov 15 '13 at 1:18
Right you are! Missed that. – IronMan84 Nov 15 '13 at 1:23

I think what you want is this:

Name = db.AnotherTable
    .First(x => x.Id == localVariable.Id)

The steps of this are:

  1. Go into list of items in AnotherTable
  2. Find the first item where the Id of the item is equal to localVariable.Id
  3. Set your variable equal to the Name property of the item you found

You can also use FirstOrDefault(), Single(), and SingleOrDefault().

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