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I have a medical health database that a 3rd party needs to connect to.

We need to look at using the HL7 standards.

I am looking for a good library to make using HL7 easier in a dotnet enviroment.

I will need a comprehensive 2.x and 3.x lib that can do most of the heavy lifting.

I want to try and avoid using message parsing and would rather use an object model as much as possible.

I have seen but this only seems to go to v2.x and not 3.x.

Has any one used this library adn what was your feelings about this? was it useful adn productive?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Opensource or comercial are both good.


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At my last job, we created our own HL7 library because the open source offerings weren't up to snuff.

We only had to be 2.x compliant. My understanding is that there are not too many systems on the 3.x standard, but that may just have been the particular systems we were interacting with (mostly big lab companies).

It's not really that difficult to write a good HL7 library - the spec is pretty clear so as long as you have adequate unit tests you can be confident the implementation is correct.

If you'll be receiving messages, you will undoubtedly have to deal with parsing the incoming data. Unless you're a huge organization you cannot expect other system to send you an object graph - it's going to be a text message and you'll have to parse it accordingly.

Bottom line, if I were you I'd either write my own or look into contributing 3.x support to NHapi.

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I've rolled my own .NET HL7 engine in the past. Just mapped each line/segment to an object (normally HL7 line) property with a ToHL7 and FromHL7 in each class for reading/writing class data to a HL7 line.

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Mirth Connect is an open source tool you can use to send and receive HL7 messages. It has an amazing integration with database, file directory etc.

Have a look :

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That's an EDI tool and not a HL7 c# library – MickyD Jul 15 '15 at 6:00
Yes that's a tool you can install on your server. Your c# code can easily communicate with it. – Parth mehta Jul 15 '15 at 6:03
One cannot access Mirth's HL7 parsing; orchestration or transformation from c# because it runs inside Mirth which is Java. Mirth does not expose a c# API for message parsing and transformation into a c# object model. The only API (which isn't c#) is for use inside Mirth not from say an external process. Reference to any class in Mirth Connect outside of the userutil packages is unsupported – MickyD Jul 15 '15 at 6:18
Mirth connect exposes HTTP API's for message parsing from any external sources. XML files to c# object has to be handled by code. – Parth mehta Jul 15 '15 at 6:25
That's not the same thing – MickyD Jul 15 '15 at 6:29

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