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I am looking for how to get the API key of radian6 . Doing a POC that has to make a call to radian6 api as part of this I have tried registering app in radian6 at this link

This is how i signup and registered app .But I didnot get to see any key under Key tab in fact it says no application keys created yet

Can any one please let me know how do i get api KEY for radian6 Any help appreciated

Thanks, Priya

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In the reference guide here describe the authentication flow for obtain the token:

What you need to get started:

A valid user account login (username and password) to the Marketing Cloud system. A unique application key for your application (Obtainable from your favorite Marketing Cloud contact).

I think you are looking for the application key so the doc suggest to contact the Marketing Cloud contact. We contact the Radian6 API Support.

Hope this help and you had already solved your issue!

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