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So as you see below, when the S key is pressed, the punching sprite for my fighter appears and that works fine, and it switches back to the neutral stance sprite when the S key is released,

what I want to accomplish is to not let the character be in punching motion if the user is holding down the S key, I still want the character to punch, but only once and then back to neutral, even if the S key is still down. I am new to slick and know that this isn't complicated, just not sure how to do it in code.
(I know its probably going to be an else or else if statement?)

 public void update(GameContainer gc, int delta) throws SlickException {

    Input i=gc.getInput();

    /* the "S" key is the punching key for my character, changes
     * the image of character from "neutral.png" to "punch.png"
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