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How to auto generate latitude longitude from thousand of address using google map api? currently i have create a website by using Google Geocoding API to generate latitude longitude from address. The website i will pass in the address from database, call the geocoding api with ajax and after that save back into the database. However, if i need to generate few millions record of it, i need to open the website and run it for few days. Is it possible to automate the process?

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It is possible, but you'd violate the Google Maps Terms of Service unless you're showing a Google Map and caching the results only temporarily to improve application performance. (See section 10.1.3.) Are your addresses in the US? Why not try a service that allows bulk requests, like SmartyStreets? (To be fair, you should know I work at SmartyStreets.) –  Matt Nov 15 '13 at 2:18

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