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Currently I have a Play! 2.1 project that is a sub-project of an SBT Multi-Project that is a front-end interface. The Play! project uses SecureSocial for typical authentication.

I will typically first start the SBT console to run my internal services locally in separate terminals. Finally I perform a play "project interface" "~run 9000" command in a new window to start up the interface sub-project using Play!. Problem is that on a fresh load (even after a clean) SecureSocial does not use my extended services and providers, and instead falls back on its own.

I will make a source change and reload, where SecureSocial will then use my own classes but suddenly starts throwing ClassCast exceptions using two of the same types, indicating there are conflicting ClassLoaders.

Is there a proper way to set this up so this doesn't happen? Thanks for your help!

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Though not a real solution, I have in the meantime developed a workaround where I manually instantiate my own extended UserService class and bring the current Application instance into scope. I also wrote my own providers and SecureAction wrappers and designed them to use the custom UserService. It's a lot of extra code, but works around the problem.

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