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With a fresh download of Groovy 2.1.9, I create:

// Test.Groovy
import org.apache.commons.io.CopyUtils
println "Resolved!"

Then I try running

$ ./groovy-2.1.9/bin/groovy Test.groovy

which fails with

General error during conversion: Error grabbing Grapes -- 
[download failed: commons-io#commons-io;1.2!commons-io.jar]

The artifact is listed in maven central, downloadable here

For what it's worth, various local files are created in:


I'd very much appreciate ideas on how to debug or "resolve"!


If I create a new user on my system (with no dotfiles in her homedir), this works. So I've got some user-specific config that's breaking things. I've tried deleting ~/.groovy, ~/.m2 and ~/.ivy to no avail. What else could it be?

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Groovy is the most indeterministic environment I've used in a long time... Did you ever solve the reason behind this problem? –  Mark K Cowan Jul 5 '14 at 16:16

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I am running Groovy 2.2.2 and have the same problem. I solved by deleting ~/.ivy2.

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Works for me. Not clear what's wrong...

$ groovy -Dgroovy.grape.report.downloads=true test
Resolving dependency: commons-io#commons-io;1.2 {default=[default]}
Preparing to download artifact commons-io#commons-io;1.2!commons-io.jar
Downloaded 64 Kbytes in 323ms:
  [SUCCESSFUL ] commons-io#commons-io;1.2!commons-io.jar (306ms)

To dig some more you can enable debug as follows:

groovy -Divy.message.logger.level=4 test
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Adding a ~/.groovy/grapeConfig.xml seems to have helped -- but I can't figure out why the defaults weren't working (as they do when I create a new user). –  Bosh Nov 15 '13 at 21:27

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