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My web-appliction references to a file that's in the same maindirectory.

Dim index_root As String = "luceneindex"

but when use declare a directory with the file

Dim directory As Lucene.Net.Store.Directory = FSDirectory.GetDirectory(index_root, False)

i get an error. i tried "\luceneindex", "\luceneindex", "\maindirectory\luceneindex", "\\maindirectory\luceneindex" ,...

How do I use a file in the same directoy? I talked to the admin, he told me the setting are correct.

greetz, tyzak

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For Java: You'll need to use System.getProperty("user.dir"). This should give you a reference to the project folder.

For ASP.NET: You'll need to use Server.MapPath("~/" + folderAndFile). The tilde expands to the physical path of the application.

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i never heard sometinh about System.getPrperty, how does this work with – Tyzak Jan 5 '10 at 8:23
Sorry, I saw Lucene and immediately thought Java. I've added the the ASP.NET code. – Nathanael Jones Jan 5 '10 at 13:28

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