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I have came across the following stackoverflow questions as well. But could not find a proper answer. [1] how to use nvd3.js charts with RaphaelJS for internet explorer [2] How to make nvd3 work in Internet Explorer 8? [3] nvd3.js rendering solution for Internet Explorer

Does nvd3 support IE 8 and below now or it is yet to be supported.

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From the NVD3 source on Supported Browsers

NVD3 runs best on WebKit based browsers.    
 - Google Chrome: latest version (preferred)
 - Opera 15+ (preferred)
 - Safari: latest version
 - Firefox: latest version
 - Internet Explorer: 9 and 10
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Thanks for the reply @shabeer90. is there any workaround to get it work in IE 8 and below. –  Tanya Nov 15 '13 at 10:10

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