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I have the following ugly helper method which determines the URL for a given activity. In all but 1 case the path generates a link to a question with an anchor (Stack Overflow style), which is retrieved by a series of tenuous if/else statements, accessing whether the trackable object is a comment or an answer then assigning the result to a variable which is passed into a url_for helper at the end.

I have 2 questions regarding this situation:

  1. The current implementation feels like the wrong approach. Should I determine these paths when the activity is saved and capture the path to the DB so I don't have to generate these paths each time the user visits the path? Or is there a more railsy way of dealing with this?

  2. If this is the right avenue to go down or something similar, firstly, how can I refactor this into something more succinct, and should this be a class method or a helper method as its only dealing with an activity's path?


def get_activity_path(activity)
  if activity.trackable_type == "Comment"
    object = a.trackable.commentable_type == "Question" ? a.trackable.commentable : a.trackable.commentable.question
  elsif activity.trackable_type == "Answer"
    object = activity.trackable.question
  activity.trackable_type == "User" ? info_path : "#{url_for(object)}##{activity.trackable_type.downcase}_#{activity.trackable.id}"


class Answer
  belongs_to :question, counter_cache: true
  has_many :comments, as: :commentable, dependent: :destroy
  has_many :activities, as: :trackable, dependent: :destroy

class Comment
  belongs_to :commentable, polymorphic: true
  has_many :activities, as: :trackable, dependent: :destroy

class Question
  has_many :comments, as: :commentable, dependent: :destroy
  has_many :answers, dependent: :destroy

I'm using rails 3.2.14, ruby 1.9.3p448 and the public_activity gem - https://github.com/pokonski/public_activity. If anyone needs more code just shout.

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You can use polymoprhic url - just pass to link_to model as second parameter and that's it. But it 2x slower than helper method way. So it's up to you leave this ugly code or use polymorphic url. Check out this post which suggests what to use and where.

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Good point about the speed, whilst it may be slightly cleaner perhaps it's not worth the performance loss. – dodgerogers747 Dec 7 '13 at 7:27

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