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typically when you refer to an object you would use a selector like this :


if u would need an element within this object you would use :


My question is how would I use jquery selector to select various objects something along the lines of :

($(this.fistobject) and $(this.secondObject)).jqueryfunction() 

thanks for your help

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When you wrap an object or run a selector, you get a set or collection. So this would return a collection and then add another collection to it, and then perform jqueryfunction() to the combined set:


This works with contexts, too.

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This works . is there a way to do it in the same selector like this : $(this.one and this.otherone).jqueryfunction() ? (this.one and this.otherone are both javascript objects by the way) –  salmane Jan 4 '10 at 13:34
What kind of JS objects? Post some more code. If they can be wrapped with a $(), then you can do this: $(obj1).add(obj2).jqueryfunction or if that doesn't work, then this should: $(obj1).add($(obj2)).jqueryfunction –  Michael Haren Jan 4 '10 at 13:49

You can use a comma, just like in CSS. I.e.

$('div, a', this)

would select all div and a elements in 'this'.

I dont think you can work jQuery on Javascript objects, they should be jQuery-wrapped HTML Elements.

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You can use multiple selectors like this:

$(selector1, selector2, ..., selectorn).jqueryfunction();
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