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Source: http://www.cio.com/article/740268/Chrome_Will_Block_NPAPI_Plug_ins_Over_Stability_Security_Concerns

"Starting in January 2014, Chrome will block webpage-instantiated NPAPI plug-ins by default on the Stable channel," Schuh said. A temporary exception will be made for the most popular NPAPI plug-ins that are not already being blocked for security reasons in order to avoid disruption to users, he said.

The plug-ins that will be temporarily whitelisted will be Silverlight, Unity, Google Earth, Google Talk and Facebook Video, as they were used by more than 5 percent of users during the past month. Java was used by almost 9 percent of users, but it's already on the list of blocked plug-ins.

"In the short term, end users and enterprise administrators will be able to whitelist specific plug-ins," Schuh said. "Eventually, however, NPAPI support will be completely removed from Chrome."

Question: Does anyone know how to get a NPAPI plugin on the whitelist ?

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Do you mean, how would you convince the Chromium project to add your plugin to the built-in whitelist? Based on what the blog post says, it sounds like the answer is, "get 5% of Chrome users using it regularly".

If you mean how would you whitelist it within an enterprise, see the enterprise policy documentation.

Note that "blocked by default" essentially means "click to play" (this is covered in other questions here), so if all you are asking is how a user would whitelist a plugin for themselves, see the existing settings for plugins.

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