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We are providing a cloud service that targets medium to large scale businesses where users will sign up with their corporate emails. During the sign up they have to mention the company name and we use this to map future users of same email domain to it.

There are few problems with this approach:

  1. We cant verify the correct company name against the email, where he could have given anything.
  2. There can be companies with multiple email domains in which we cant restrict 1 to 1 company-to-domain mapping
  3. We do not know whether the user with the corporate email has the authority represent the company


  1. Is there any known technique to verify the representation authority?
  2. Is there any published web service that we can consume to retrieve the registered company name from a given email address

I would be perfect if we solve without introducing any manual process and damaging smooth user experience during sign up. Anyway would like to get some ideas.

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Maybe do a whois lookup on the email domain. Wouldn't work for proxy registrations though. –  Jason C Nov 15 '13 at 7:26
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