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I built a doodle app in html + Cordova/Phonegap. I use jquery(elem).on(touchstart/-move/-end) to listen to touchevents. But this seems to be broken in Android 4.4; it only fires touchstart.

Any tips?

EDIT: here's the code

$("#canvas_doodle").on("touchstart", function(e){ doo.touchBegin(e); });
$("#canvas_doodle").on("touchmove",  function(e){ doo.touchMove(e); });
$("#canvas_doodle").on("touchend",  function(e){ doo.touchEnd(e); });
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Thanks Steve P, but I figured it out (forgot to answer the question).

Somehow I forgot to call e.preventDefault() in touchBegin and touchMove, which caused touchEnd to never fire when dragging.

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But it's still a problem, if I call e.preventDefault() in every touchstart, it will stop the web page's normal behavior. –  Aloong Dec 17 '13 at 7:53
@Aloong: that's why I attach the listener to the canvas and not the entire document :) –  REJH Dec 18 '13 at 11:22


$(document).on("touchstart", '#canvas_doodle', function(e){ doo.touchBegin(e); });


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