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I have written few cucumber features and also taged some scenarios with @wip and @test. I am running cucumber features and want to skip the scenarios which are taged with @wip and @test so i used below mentioned line to skip the same

  1. --format pretty --quiet --color --tags ~@wip,~@test

But at the time of executing scenarios, i found all the scenarios taged with @wip and @test are still getting executed. Then i changed the above line as

  1. --format pretty --quiet --color --tags ~@wip, --tags ~@test

Then its skipping the scenarios taged with @wip and @test.

So, i want to know is it possible to skip two or multiple tags in single --tag i.e mentioned in point 1.

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Have you checked Logically ANDing and ORing Tags? – denis.solonenko Nov 15 '13 at 7:45
@denis.solonenko, thnx for you quick reply. I have checked the link, and from that link only i got point 2. But for point 1 nothing is mentioned like that. Any other solution would be appreciated. – sumit Nov 15 '13 at 8:07

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Your solution is 1.--format pretty --quiet --color --tags ~@wip,~@test

The comma means that the conditions are OR-ed. It says: all scenarios that are not @wip OR are not @test So scenarios with only @wip are executed

The solution is to use quotes, than the conditions are AND-ed

1.--format pretty --quiet --color --tags "~@wip","~@test"

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