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I'm using the xpath engine on Firefox. I have html:

   <b>prefix one</b> not bold part
   prefix two not bold part

I want all the spans that have child text that start with "prefix one".

I tried the xpath:

//span[starts-with(child::text(), "prefix one")]

but this doesn't work because the b tag is interfering. How do you solve this?


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If you know that spans is not nested into other spans you can try this:

//span[ starts-with( descendant-or-self::*/text(),"prefix one" ) ]

descendant-or-self::*/text(), should return all text nodes which are in this subtree. I don't know how starts-with() exactly works but I suppose when some of text() nodes in subtree starts with "prefix one" that condition is true

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This is equivalent to //span[starts-with(., 'prefix one')] or, more robust, //span[starts-with(normalize-space(), 'prefix one')] – Tomalak Jan 6 '10 at 13:29
<xsl:template match="span">
<xsl:if test="contains(.,'prefix one')">
<xsl:copy-of select="."/>
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