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I'm trying to set up an automated svn commit to run semi-hourly under mac os 10.6, but the crontabs i'm adding to cron don't seem to be valid and/or don't seem to even be looked at by cron. For testing i made a simple crontab and script:

Crontab: */2 * * * * /Users/username/crontest

where username is replaced with my system username, thus pointing to my home directory (and yes, those really are tabs between each value - they aren't faithfully reproduced in the code section)

I'm running a crontab -r first, then running crontab .mycrontab that contains the above line. crontab -l spits out the line above, and running ps -A | grep cron shows /usr/sbin/cron running, which I assume is the cron daemon under mac os x. The /Users/username/crontest script is simply appending a line of text to a text file, as such:

echo "hi" >> /Users/username/crontest.txt

What gives? I'm stumped.

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Oops...I was missing the newline character at the end of the cron job. That seems to have fixed it.

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Just to be clear, I had a similar problem and adding an extra new line to my file when running contrab -e fixed it. Ick. –  Rob Osborne Mar 21 '10 at 18:50

Although the preferred method on OS X for running automated jobs is launchd, cron is still supported. Chances are you have a permissions problems with your script; make sure it has execute permission.

Also, */2 means every two minutes, not semi-hourly. Try setting the minutes field with a list of minutes:

0,30    *   *	*	*	/Users/username/crontest

Works for me on 10.6.

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Thanks for the tip. Side note: I guess I didn't clarify in my original question that, even though my final cron job was intended to run semi-hourly, my test cron job was in fact intended to run once every two minutes. –  jtrim Jan 6 '10 at 19:36

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