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This is an embarrassingly simple question...

How do I use Chello? If I go to https://bitbucket.org/mrshrinkray/chello/src I can see all the solution files. Is there a way to download as a DLL and just include it in my project? Is there a NuGet package for it?

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There is a link on the homepage here:


To the zip file containing examples etc.


Download it, unzip the file, Add the Chello.Core project to the same level as your existing projects.

Right-click your solution and choose add existing project, select the Chello.Core.csproj.

In the project that uses Chello, add your appsettings for authkey and token:

<add key="AuthKey" value="YourAuthKey" />
<add key="AuthToken" value="YourAuthToken" />

Unfortunately I don't think there is a nugget package.

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Cheers - had to click on Enable NuGet Package Restore to make it work as per stackoverflow.com/questions/9133854/… but worked great after that –  Ben Nov 15 '13 at 10:31
Nice one, no probs. –  hutchonoid Nov 15 '13 at 10:41

Open your solution in Visual Studio, right-click on the solution, "Add existing project" -> select the downloaded Chello project as a "class library".

I may have rearranged the order of actions - not having access to VS right now.

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