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I have started using Dart editor for web app development. But there is no design tool(drag and drop like that of Visual studio, Eclipse Android IDE etc.). Not having a designing tool is kind of headache as I have to create buttons and other elements in html code. Can you tell me if there is a better solution. Or maybe a designing utility in Dart editor itself and that i couldn't find.

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You said it yourself - 'Dart editor'. It's not an IDE and unlike .NET it has no supplied UI toolkits like WinForms or WPF or whatever. Dart itself is a general purpose language. Presumably there are third-party, people working on various UI toolkits and designers, or bindings for existing ones like QT. But I don't think you'll see one from Google anytime soon.

This is essentially the same situation as the early days of Java, and similar indeed to .NET - the difference is that there are official GUI toolkits from Microsoft.

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Thank you very much. It'll be nice to have an IDE by Google but as you said, it's probably not possible any time soon. –  VipulKumar Nov 15 '13 at 19:02

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