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I am trying to establish an RDS-Server on Windows 2012 R2 in Windows Azure. These Services require Active Directory. Until now, I created a new virtual machine and made it an ADDC. I was told there should be a way to simulate a DC with the tools Windows Azure is providing. On a previous post a quite similar question was asked, but this one was posted half a year ago and maybe there is another way not mentioned in this post. I am trying to avoid the necessity of a complete virtual machine just to provide AD.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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You can't avoid that!

There is no tool or service in Windows Azure that provides Domain Controller Capability. If you want AD/DC you have to maintain your own VM with appropriate server role installed.

Windows Azure Active Directory is Identity Management and RDS in the cloud. It can help you with developing SSO applications, but it is NOT a Domain Controler!

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Thank you for your help. Since it is necessary to use a dedicated machine vor ADDC, I know what I have to do! –  Jaysz Nov 18 '13 at 10:33
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