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I have used a simple CSS parallax effect example which is working in all browsers except IE7 + 8. Is there a work around or is it just not supported?

<h1>My Page</h1>
<h2>Flowers, Flowers, Flowers </h2>

<div id="slide4" class="slide" data-stellar-background-ratio="0" data-slide="4"> </div>
    <div id="slide2" class="slide" data-stellar-background-ratio="0.5" data-slide="2"> </div>

<h2>Some text goes here</h2>
<h2>Some text goes here</h2>
<h2>Some text goes here</h2>
<h2>Some text goes here</h2>
<h2>Some text goes here</h2>

#slide4 {background-image: url("");
background-size: contain;
float: left;
height: 450px;}

.slide {background-attachment: fixed;
height: 100%;
position: inherit;
width: 100%;}
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inherit isn't supported in IE7 and background-size isn't supported in IE7 and 8. – BoltClock Nov 15 '13 at 11:31

background-size is not available to IE8:

If you’re trying to use background-size: cover, check out this post:

also you can use this polyfill for backgroud size support in ie 8

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