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is there any way to test an Unity3D webplayer app with Facebook?

I've running a webserver in a VM and got this IP in my local network. From my host I can access to my Unity3D file. But Facebook can't find it because it's not in WWW.

I tried this Unity Binary URL: http:// /unitytest/fbdemo.unity3d

Facebook registered my app to this canvas site https://apps.facebook.com/xxx and it only shows a blank white site :(

Thanks a lot for help

EDIT: got it. Had to click "Load unsafe script" in chrome.

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Instead of editing that into your question, please post an actual answer. Make it as detailed as possible (i.e. what the steps were that you had to take) and then accept the answer. –  Bart Nov 15 '13 at 23:36

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