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I am working on an RoR app.

I am trying to run a shell script from crontab on the app server. The shell script invokes a rake task which is supposed to deliver a mail. The script runs fine and sends out a mail when run from console, but fails when run via crontab.

I get the following error when running the script in crontab:

rake aborted!
550 Cannot receive from specified address <help@voylla.com>: Unauthenticated senders not allowed

Could someone please help. Thanks

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If you're getting the "unathenticated senders not allowed" error, that means your mail server or program is not attempting the AUTH LOGIN command during the SMTP connection.

Unauthenticated senders not allowed means your providing either a bad username or password. The easiest way to resolve this is to reset your password:


Please check your username and password on config.action_mailer.smtp_setting or ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings setting

For more information please check


in development.rb please also check

 config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :smtp
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I am providing correct username and password, coz the same is working on the staging server. How can I invoke AUTH LOGIN? –  nish Nov 15 '13 at 13:32
please check out my updated post to check config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :smtp in your environment file –  Rajarshi Das Nov 15 '13 at 14:50

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