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I'm currently busy with phpmailer and wondered how to automatically embed local images in my email using a script. My idea was to upload a html file and a folder containing images and let a script replace the <img src tags to the cid ones.

Now what I got so far is:

$mail = new PHPMailer(true);

    $mail->Subject = $subject;

    $mail->Body = embed_images($message, $mail);

Now I've got this incomplete function that scans the html body and replace the src tags:

function embed_images(&$body, $mailer)
    // get all img tags
    preg_match_all('/<img.*?>/', $body, $matches);
    if (!isset($matches[0])) return;

    $i = 1;
    foreach ($matches[0] as $img)
        // make cid
        $id = 'img'.($i++);
        // now ?????
    $mailer->AddEmbeddedImage('i guess something with the src here');
    $body = str_replace($img, '<img alt="" src="cid:'.$id.'" style="border: none;" />', $body);

I'm not sure what I should do here, do you retrieve the src and replace it with cid:$id ? As they are local images i do not have the trouble of web src links or whatever...

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You got the right approach

function embed_images(&$body,$mailer){
    // get all img tags
    preg_match_all('/<img[^>]*src="([^"]*)"/i', $body, $matches);
    if (!isset($matches[0])) return;

    foreach ($matches[0] as $index=>$img)
        // make cid
        $id = 'img'.$index;
        $src = $matches[1][$index];
        // now ?????
        //this replace might be improved 
        //as it could potentially replace stuff you dont want to replace
        $body = str_replace($src,'cid:'.$id, $body);
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Why don't you embed the images directly in the HTML in base64?

You just have to convert your images in base64, and then include them like this:

<img src="data:image/jpg;base64,---base64_data---" />
<img src="data:image/png;base64,---base64_data---" />

I don't know if this is relevant in your case or not, but I hope it helps.

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I don't know if phpmailer knows how to handle that stuff. When I just send a mail with that in the body (provided with a mime type) it doesn't show as a picture.. That's why I went for phpmailer –  Sjors Vanderbaan Nov 15 '13 at 13:27

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