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I am trying to create authentication for my php website. I am using the codeigniter framework. I will have to validate the session in all the pages of my website. So to avoid the code repetition, i am planning to do it in a helper function. Now that my user credentials are in my database i would like to access the model to query the database from the helper function. In a controller class i would have done this by using


Please let me know its equivalent in a helper file. Any kind of suggestion in approach is also appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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You will not be able to use $this to access your CI instance in a helper, but CI has a way to do this -

First, you need a reference to your CI instance:

$CI =& get_instance();

Then, if you need to load the model you can do it like so:


And finally call any function in your model like this:


Basically, use $CI instead of $this. Hope that helps.

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It's not that much code repetition. I'd suggest this approach:

function __construct()

    if ($this->auth->is_logged_in() !== TRUE) // "auth" is the authentication library
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