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When looking at job openings on-line, I noticed that some openings required knowledge of "core Java". What is core java and how is different from java?

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Personally I very much dislike this term (except of course when referring to the book of the same name). There is "Java SE" which is a perfectly valid name for "Java that's not EE or ME". "Core Java" is never really defined anywhere, except in the heads of people who make up their mind of what it could be. –  Joachim Sauer Sep 17 '12 at 10:28

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"Core Java" is Sun's term, used to refer to Java SE, the standard edition and a set of related technologies, like the Java VM, CORBA, et cetera. This is mostly to differentiate from, say, Java ME or Java EE.

Also note that they're talking about a set of libraries rather than the programming language. That is, the underlying way you write Java doesn't change, regardless of the libraries you're using.

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I doubt that someone saying "core Java" would expect knowledge of the JNDI, JME or CORBA APIs, even though these are part of Java SE. –  Michael Borgwardt Jan 4 '10 at 16:03
That's true; like .NET and other frameworks, it's hard to master (or claim to have mastered) the entire thing because there's so much of it. But I do think that's what Sun means when they say it. –  John Feminella Jan 4 '10 at 16:10

I think when you see the phrase "core Java," they are talking about the basics of the language and maybe some knowledge of Java SE. I don't know why they would bother to put the "core" on there.

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Some companies will put "core java" to differentiate from Java EE, but it's still just your basic Java.

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It's not an official term. I guess it means knowledge of the Java language itself and the most important parts of the standard API (java.lang, java.io, java.utils packages, basically), as opposed to the multitude of specialzed APIs and frameworks (J2EE, JPA, JNDI, JSTL, ...) that are often required for Java jobs.

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-1 - false answer. For the official term, initial caps, “Core Java”, see oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/tech/index-jsp-137187.html –  danorton Jul 25 at 13:36

According to some Developers Core java refers to package API java.util.*
which is mostly used in coding .... but still the Name "core java" is not defined by sun..It is just a Slang definition... reason being J2ME /J2EE still depend's on J2SDK APIS's for Compile / Run usage.....

Also No body would define Saying that Pacakage of java.util.* seperated from J2SDK for usage.

so a moron can only define that "Core java" is different from "J2sdk / Java"

with regards Karthik

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"Core Java" is Sun Microsystem's term, used to refer to Java SE. And there are Java ME and Java EE (J2EE). So this is told in order to differentiate with the Java ME and J2EE. So I feel Core Java is only used to mention J2SE.

Happy learning!

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The number 2 represents version in the term J2SE, so this term is used for version 2 of Java. The more generic term for Core Java is Java SE which is applicable to any of the versions –  Vivek Oct 27 '12 at 19:00

"Core Java" is Oracle's definition and refers to subset of Java SE technologies.

This actually is not related to Java language itself but rather to set of some 'basic' packages and as a result approach to some task classes.

Currently Java Core is defined as a following set:

  • Basic technologies
  • HotSpot VM
  • Java monitoring and management interface (JNDI)
  • Application monitoring and management
  • Tools API
  • XML

But as you probably understand even term 'basic technologies' is somewhat unclear ;-) so this is not so strict definition. Here is official page for this term:

Here is another picture illustrating Java Core API / technologies inside Java SE platform. It is related to J2SE 1.4.2 but it stills stand mostly actual and pretty illustrative:

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Core java is a sun term.It mentions the USE,it means it contains only basics of java and some principles and also contain some packages details.

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It would be helpful, in this case, if you were able to link back to Sun's documentation about what the terms mean. –  Jeremy J Starcher Apr 17 at 6:12

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