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I have a CakePHP project uploaded to the server:

  • httpdocs/cakephp/app/...

My domain name, for example is directed to httpdocs/cakephp Now.. I need to access an image folder that it's otside the webroot of CakePhp:

  • httpdocs/resources/images/...

The problem is that I can't see files outside the cakephp folder when I go to, If I try with ../../resources/images.... I just get with an error.

How can I solve this? Thank you!

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Just symlink the resouces folder in your webroot folder.

Alternatively you can send the files through php. The CakePHP book describes this here for >2.3 and here.

Also it is not a good idea to put the whole cake folder in the root of your domain, you should set your app/webroot has the root of your host.

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Great! Symlink worked like a charm. Thank you burzum! – Walter White Nov 15 '13 at 20:14

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