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I am in the Theme Editor in TextMate 2.0 trying to set the background color for a theme. I see several background properties, none of which seem to set the background color. I can set the background color behind the line numbers, and even behind the settings window, but how do I change the background color of the main text editing window?

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You should be able to set the background setting in Settings -> Settings:

settings = (
    {   settings = {
            foreground = '#F8F8F8';
            background = '#0C1021'; <= right here
            caret = '#FFFFFFA6';
            invisibles = '#FFFFFF40';
            selection = '#253B76';
            lineHighlight = '#FFFFFF0F';
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It is easy. In the TextMate tool bar (top of the screen) select: View -> Theme That's all.

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