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I setup Syntastic to validate my PHP code. I'm using PHP, and PHPCS as checkers.

let g:syntastic_php_checkers = ['php', 'phpcs']

This works perfectly. However, I want to use the WordPress coding standards, so I added this line

let g:syntastic_php_phpcs_args = "--standard=WordPress"

It should pass the standard argument. It's worth noting, that this argument work in the command-line. However, when I run "SyntasticCheck" on Vim, I get no response. Not even an error notice.

Something is going on?

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You need to pass in the default arguments for g:syntastic_php_phpcs_args as well as your additional configuration options. The default options are --report=CSV, so your vim command should be:

let g:syntastic_php_phpcs_args="--report=csv --standard=WordPress"

FWIW, I found this looking at the phpcs.vim file in Syntastic.

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