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Where does Xcode's Blame view read my name from? I used to use a nickname before when I set up this Mac but I want to use my real name in projects, I've changed almost every user name on my Mac to my real name, including the Mac Login, App store, even the auto-generated header comment lines in every Xcode-created source code file shows my real name, however, Xcode's Blame view still shows my nickname.

Anyone have met the same issue or have any suggestion for me?

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it uses your SCM's username (so the svn user / git user).

  • for svn it is the login name
  • for git the username can be set with 'git config'

==> it isnt related to osx names and doesnt support nice icons

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mind it doesnt change the name used in the past –  Daij-Djan Nov 15 '13 at 16:38
Exactly what I needed, here's the command: git config --global user.name "New Name" –  Zinan Xing Nov 26 '13 at 3:32

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