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Before I ask anything, let me tell you I have no experience whatsoever on Progress Openedge, but my company runs an application made in it and now I have to make some SOAP calls through it. So I figured, why not call an external script made in whatever language I deem fit?

But I can't even find how to run an external script through OpenEdge when I google for it. There's no examples anywhere, the documentation is long and confusing (for me at least). That brings me to this simple question:

How can I call an external script in Progress OpenEdge?

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See Progress Knowledge Base, too. And a complete description on how to interact with your OS.

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Thanks man. It's working as intended with: OS-COMMAND NO-WAIT "C:\Test.exe" – pedropeixoto Nov 15 '13 at 16:05
Yes of course, that was my intention but I had to wait 2 minutes don't know why. – pedropeixoto Nov 15 '13 at 16:10

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